Txhua yam hais txog Desogestrel Hmoov


  1.Desogestrel 54024-22-5 Txheej txheem cej luam
  2.Desogestrel hmoov txheeb xyuas
  3. Mechanism Ntawm Nqis-Desogestrel Hmoov
  4.How Yuav Siv Cov Pwm Pluag Hmoov Phem?
  5. Desogestrel hmoov dos
  6.Who twg siv tau Desogestrel hmoov?
  7. Qhov zoo thiab qhov tsis zoo-Desogestrel hmoov
  8.Desogestrel Hmoov Phom So
  9.Desogestrel hmoov tshuaj thaum lub sijhawm pub mis niam
  10.Desogestrel Hmoov Cia Muag



Desogestrel hmoov video



I.Desogestrel powderbasic Cim:


Lub npe: Desogestrel hmoov
CAS: 54024-22-5
Molecular Formula: C22H30O
Molecular phaus: 310.47
Melt Point: 109-110 ° C
Cia Temp: -20 ° C Freezer
xim: Dawb hmoov



1. Desogestrel 54024-22-5 Txheej txheem cej luamPiv txwv


Desogestrel thiab kev sib txuas ntawm ethinyl estradiol yog siv los tiv thaiv kev xeeb tub. Nws yog ib qho tshuaj tiv thaiv kab mob yug me nyuam uas muaj ob hom tshuaj hormones, desogestrel thiab ethinyl estradiol, thiab thaum twg noj kom zoo, tsis pub cev xeeb tub. Nws ua haujlwm los ntawm kev siv tus poj niam lub qe los ntawm kev tsim txhua lub hli. Lub qe tsis tuaj yeem txais ib cov phev thiab fertilization (cev xeeb tub) tau tiv thaiv.
Txoj kev tiv thaiv tsis muaj kev tiv thaiv yog 100 feem pua ​​pib siv. Cov kev sibhaum xeeb xws li kev phais los ua menyuam tsis muaj zog lossis tsis muaj kev sib deev zoo tshaj cov tshuaj tivthaiv kom tsis txhob muaj menyuam yaus. Sib tham txog koj cov kev xaiv rau kev tswj menyuam yaus nrog koj tus kws kho mob.
Cov tshuaj no tsis tiv thaiv kab mob HIV lossis lwm yam kabmob kis tau los ntawm kev sib deev. Nws yuav tsis pab ua kom tsis txhob muaj xwm txheej ceev, xws li tom qab tiv thaiv kev sib deev tsis tau zoo. Qhov tshuaj no tsuas muaj nrog koj tus kws kho mob sau ntawv.

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2. Desogestrel hmoov txheeb xyuasPiv txwv


khoom npe Desogestrel hmoov
CAS Number 54024-22-5
molecular Formula C22H30O
molecular Nyhav 310.47
Melt Point 109-110 ° C
cia Temp -20 ° C Freezer
xim Dawb hmoov



3. Mechanism Of ActionDesogestrel PowderPiv txwv


Binds to the progesterone and estrogen receptors. Target cells include the female reproductive tract, the mammary gland, the hypothalamus, and the pituitary. Once bound to the receptor, progestins like desogestrel will slow the frequency of release of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus and blunt the pre-ovulatory LH (luteinizing hormone) surge.
Desogestrel is used as a female contraceptive. Desogestrel is a progestin or a synthetic form of the naturally occurring female sex hormone, progesterone. In a woman’s normal menstrual cycle, an egg matures and is released from the ovaries (ovulation). The ovary then produces progesterone, preventing the release of further eggs and priming the lining of the womb for a possible pregnancy. If pregnancy occurs, progesterone levels in the body remain high, maintaining the womb lining. If pregnancy does not occur, progesterone levels in the body fall, resulting in a menstrual period. Desogestrel tricks the body processes into thinking that ovulation has already occurred, by maintaining high levels of the synthetic progesterone. This prevents the release of eggs from the ovaries.

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4. How To Use Desogestrel Powder?Piv txwv


It is very important that you use this medicine exactly as directed by your doctor. Do not use more of it, do not use it more often, and do not use it for a longer time than your doctor ordered.
To make using oral contraceptives as safe and reliable as possible, you should understand how and when to take them and what effects may be expected.
This medicine comes with patient instructions. Read and follow these instructions carefully. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions.
This medicine is available in blister packs with a tablet dispenser. Each blister pack contains 28 tablets with different colors that need to be taken in the same order as directed on the blister pack.
When you begin using this medicine, your body will require at least 7 days to adjust before a pregnancy will be prevented. Use a second form of contraception (eg, condom, spermicide, or diaphragm) for the first 7 days of your first cycle of pills.
Take Desogestrel Powder at the same time each day. Birth control pills work best when no more than 24 hours pass between doses.
Do not skip or delay taking your pill by more than 24 hours. If you miss a dose, you could get pregnant. Ask your doctor for ways to help you remember to take your pills or about using another method of birth control.
You may feel sick or nauseated, especially during the first few months that you take this medicine. If your nausea is continuous and does not go away, call your doctor.
Follow the instructions in the patient leaflet or call your doctor if you vomit or have diarrhea within 3 to 4 hours of taking this medicine. Treat this as a missed dose.
Do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice while you are using this medicine. Grapefruit and grapefruit juice may change the amount of this medicine that is absorbed in the body.



5. Desogestrel hmoov dosPiv txwv


Cov koob tshuaj no yuav txawv rau cov neeg mob txawv. Ua raws li koj tus kws kho mob cov lus txib lossis cov lus qhia ntawm daim ntawv lo. Cov ntaub ntawv hauv qab no xam nrog rau cov tshuaj no tsuas siv pes tsawg xwb. Yog tias koj koob txawv txawv, tsis txhob hloov nws tshwj tsis yog koj tus kws kho mob hais kom koj ua.
Tus nqi ntawm cov tshuaj uas koj noj yuav yog nyob ntawm lub zog ntawm cov tshuaj. Tsis tas li xwb, ntau npaum li cas koj noj txhua hnub, lub sij hawm tau tso cai ntawm cov tshuaj siv, thiab qhov ntev ntawm lub sij hawm koj noj cov tshuaj nyob ntawm qhov teeb meem kev kho mob uas koj siv cov tshuaj.
Your doctor may ask you to begin your dose on the first day of your menstrual period (called Day 1 start) or on the first Sunday after your menstrual period starts (called Sunday start). When you begin on a certain day it is important that you follow that schedule, even if you miss a dose. Do not change your schedule on your own. If the schedule that you use is not convenient, talk with your doctor about changing it. For a Sunday start, you need to use another form of birth control (eg, condom, diaphragm, spermicide) for the first 7 days.
You should begin your next and all subsequent 28-day regimens of therapy on the same day of the week as the first regimen began and follow the same schedule.

Rau kev noj haus ntawm qhov ncauj (ntsiav tshuaj):

♦For contraception (to prevent pregnancy):

· Adults and teenagers—One light orange tablet (active) taken at the same time each day for 21 consecutive days followed by one green tablet (inert) daily for 7 days per menstrual cycle.
· Children—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor.
Call your doctor or pharmacist for instructions.This medicine has specific patient instructions on what to do if you miss a dose. Read and follow these instructions carefully and call your doctor if you have any questions.
Use a second form of birth control for 7 days after you miss a dose to prevent pregnancy.
Make sure your doctor knows if you miss your period 2 months in a row, because this could mean that you are pregnant. You may not have a period for that month if you miss more than one dose or change your schedule.
You could have light bleeding or spotting if you do not take a pill on time. The more pills you miss, the more likely you are to have bleeding.
♣ If you miss one light orange pill: Take the pill as soon as possible and take the next pill at your regular schedule.
♣ If you miss two light orange pills in week 1 or 2: Take the two pills as soon as possible and the next two pills the next day. Continue taking one pill a day until you finish the pack. Use a second form of birth control (eg, condom, spermicide) for 7 days after you miss a dose.
♣ If you miss two light orange pills in week 3, or if you miss three or more light orange pills in any week:
♦ Day 1 start: Throw out the rest of the pack and start a new pack that same day.
♦ Sunday start: Continue taking one pill a day until Sunday, then throw out the rest of the pack and start a new pack that same day. Use a second form of birth control (eg, condom, spermicide) for 7 days after you miss a dose, to prevent pregnancy. If you miss your menstrual period 2 months in a row, check with your doctor because you might be pregnant.
♣ If you miss any of the seven green pills in week 4: Throw away the pills you missed. Continue taking one pill a day until you finish the pack.

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6. Who can use the Desogestrelhmoov?Piv txwv

Most women can use the desogestrel powder, but you may not be able to if you:
♦ think you might be pregnant
♦ don’t want your periods to change
♦ take other medicines that may affect the pill
♦ have unexplained bleeding in between periods or after sex
♦ have developed arterial disease or heart disease or have had a stroke
♦ have liver disease
♦ have breast cancer or have had it in the past
♦ have severe cirrhosis or liver tumours
♦If youXCHARXre healthy and there are no medical reasons why you shouldnXCHARXt take the desogestrel powder, you can take it until your menopause or until youXCHARXre 55.

♣ Kev pub niam mis
The desogestrel powder is safe to use if you’re breastfeeding. Small amounts of desogestrel may pass into your breast milk, but this isn’t harmful to your baby. It doesn’t affect the way your breast milk is produced.

♣ Cev xeeb tub
Although it’s very unlikely, there’s a very small chance that you could become pregnant while taking the desogestrel powder.
If this happens, there’s no evidence that the pill will harm your unborn baby. If you think you may be pregnant, speak to your GP or visit your local contraception clinic.
Get medical advice if you have a sudden or unusual pain in your tummy, or if your period is much shorter or lighter than usual. It’s possible that these are warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy, although this is rare.



7. Qhov zoo thiab qhov tsis zoo-Desogestrel hmoovPiv txwv


zoo tsis zoo
it doesn’t interrupt sex you may not have regular periods while taking it – your periods may be lighter, more frequent, or may stop altogether, and you may get spotting between periods
you can use it when breastfeeding it doesn’t protect you against STIs
it’s useful if you can’t take the hormone oestrogen, which is in the combined pill, contraceptive patch and vaginal ring you need to remember to take it at or around the same time every day
you can use it at any age – even if you smoke and are over 35 some medicines, including some (uncommon) tshuaj tua kab mob, can make it less effective


8. Desogestrel Powder Side EffectsPiv txwv


Tau txais kev pabcuam thaum muaj kev kub ntxhov yog tias koj muaj tej yam tshwm sim ntawm kev tsis haum tshuaj: khaus; ua pa nyuaj; o ntawm koj lub ntsej muag, di ncauj, nplaig, lossis caj pas.


Stop using birth control pills and call your doctor at once if you have:

♦ signs of a stroke–sudden numbness or weakness (especially on one side of the body), sudden severe headache, slurred speech, problems with vision or balance;
♦ signs of a blood clot in the lung–chest pain, sudden cough, wheezing, rapid breathing, coughing up blood;
♦ signs of a blood clot in your leg–pain, swelling, warmth, or redness in one or both legs;
♦ heart attack symptoms–chest pain or pressure, pain spreading to your jaw or shoulder, nausea, sweating;
♦ liver problems–severe stomach pain, fever, tired feeling, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes);
♦ a change in the pattern or severity of migraine headaches;
♦ swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet;
♦ a breast lump; or symptoms of depression–sleep problems, weakness, tired feeling, mood changes.

Cov kev mob tshwm sim muaj xws li:

♦ light vaginal bleeding or spotting;
♦ nausea (especially when you first start taking this medicine), vomiting, bloating;
♦ changes in weight or appetite;
♦ breast tenderness or swelling;
♦ freckles or darkening of facial skin, increased hair growth, loss of scalp hair;
♦ headache; or vaginal itching or discharge.
Qhov no tsis yog sau tag nrho cov kev mob tshwm sim thiab lwm tus yuav tshwm sim. Hu rau koj tus kws kho mob txog kev kho mob txog kev mob tshwm sim. Koj tuaj yeem qhia cov kev mob tshwm sim rau FDA ntawm 1-800-FDA-1088.



9. Desogestrel Powder Effects while BreastfeedingPiv txwv


(1) Effects in Breastfed Infants

A nonblinded, nonrandomized study compared oral desogestrel powder 75 mcg alone daily (n = 42) to an intrauterine device (IUD; n = 40) begun 28 to 56 days postpartum for contraception. No differences in infant length, weight or biparietal head circumferences were found after 1, 4, and 7 treatment cycles. Temporary breast enlargement was reported in 2 infants and increased sweating was reported in 1 infant in the desogestrel powder group, compared with no adverse effects reported in infants in the IUD group. The growth of some infants were again measured at 1.5 and 2.5 years; no clinically important differences were found.
A breastfed (extent not stated) infant developed scrotal hair at 4 months of age. His mother had received the progestin, dydrogestrone, during the first trimester of pregnancy and began taking desogestrel powder 0.075 mg daily as a contraceptive beginning at 3 months postpartum. His mother discontinued desogestrel powder after 28 days and the scrotal hair resolved by 11 months of age. Desogestrel powder was a possible contributing cause of scrotal hair growth in this infant.


Desogestrel Hmoov Cia Muag: Xyuas & Tshuaj & Cov Khoom Los Nqis AASraw

(2) Effects on Lactation and Breastmilk

A nonblinded, nonrandomized study compared oral desogestrel powder 75 mcg alone daily (n = 42) to an intrauterine device (n = 40) begun 28 to 56 days postpartum for contraception. During the 7-month trial period, 1 woman dropped out of the trial because of diminished lactation compared with none in the IUD group. At the end of the first and fourth treatment cycle, there were no differences in the amount of milk produced between the desogestrel powder and IUD groups. No differences in triglyceride, protein or lactose content of milk were found at the end of 1, 4, and 7 cycles of therapy.
A nonrandomized study followed 200 women given a desogestrel powder contraceptive 75 mcg daily for 6 months beginning at 6 weeks postpartum and compared them to 200 women who received placebos. No difference was found in the amounts of milk production or infant growth and development between the two groups.



10. Desogestrel Powder For SalePiv txwv


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2) Kev lag luam tawm tswv yim thiab khoom tawm tswv yim yuav zoo siab, ntsib cov neeg yuav khoom yog qhov peb yuav tsum ua.
3) Muaj txiaj ntsig zoo, kev sib tw, tus tub ceev xwm, kev pabcuam thib ib yog qhov kev ntseeg siab thiab qhuas ntawm cov neeg siv khoom.

4.Three Principles:

1) Kev xa kom zoo: Channel diversification, tiv thaiv tus kheej ntawm cov neeg muas zaub.Thiab yog thaum, xyuas kom rov ua nkoj.
2) Tsis txhob hloov: Cov khoom yuav nco ntsoov muaj kev coj zoo, tsis hloov, Zoo siab yog kev cai dab qhuas ntawm peb lub tuam txhab.
3) Cov kev pab zoo: Kom sai li sai tau los daws cov teeb meem ntawm cov neeg siv, yog li ntawd cov neeg siv khoom tau txais kev nyab xeeb.



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